Thus Always to Theories.

Good article.  Stumbled into it earlier this evening.

It meshes well with some of my personal ideas, and yet…

I’ve mentioned here before my opinions on Creationism vs. the BBT/Macroevolution idea.  If you’re going to deny God as outlandish or an impossible violation of natural order, where does that leave the big bang?  The exact same boat.  You’re violating at least one (unbreakable, mind you) law of thermodynamics to create a system based the infallibility of those same laws.

A giant explosion from nothing?  Phweeeeeeee….  That’s the sound of Conservation of Matter and/or Energy jumping out of a 10-story building and splattering into the pavement of cold, hard laboratory-reproducible facts, or so it’d seem.  Matter existing forever, then exploding?  There goes poor entropy too.  Nobody misses him.  That guy was always making a mess out of perfectly orderly things.

This is the kind of argument I like.  Make a choice based on concrete information.  If you’re forced to choose between two things and they both seemingly exhibit the same incongruities, why wouldn’t you pick the one that both offers hope and doesn’t suffer from internal contradictions?

Faith is a different animal.   I don’t have a problem with having faith; it’s absolutely necessary.  I just wish that it weren’t such a bear to build an argument around.

But that’s the point.  It’s faith.  And there’s the problem.  Biblical idea points toward loving God for who He is and what He did, not because you looked at a line of the usual suspects and decided that Christianity seemed like the most reasonable choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think motives would affect salvation; but maintaining a growing relationship with God, if you’re given the time, implies more than unfeeling logic.  That’d be like blind dating somebody based on their DNA, only skipping the dating part and just getting married.  Maybe the relationship will work out, you’ll love each other, and your kids will invent a Segway that travels at mach 6, or solve cancer using differential equations.  Or maybe you’ll hate each other, but at least the urchins will be able to bench press a car.

Nobody does stuff like that except megalomaniacs in Bond films.

Though maybe seeing God as the reasonable choice is a bridge to something better.

And if it seems like I’m dancing around making many straight statements in that last big paragraph, it’s because I am.  I don’t presume to know enough to be a teacher in that area by a long shot, and I don’t want stricter judgment (outsider’s opinions of the same material, sure).  Nobody significant cares if you mishandle Punctuated Equilibrium or the Boltzmann constant.  Doctrinal material… just maybe.


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