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Sometimes Work is Slow and There is Little to Do.

And we seldom (if ever) have psychologists wandering the halls.  If they do they don’t advertise their skills well enough.

Gary had a little land
Just north of Muscle Shoals.
But his neighbors didn’t like him much
and filled him full of holes.

Mary had a family
(At least that’s what she said.)
But mom and dad and Ned and Bert
lived only in her head.

Chester had a rusty axe
he used to skin a cat.
He flipped that sucker inside out
and wore it as a hat.

(Needless to say, Chester is serving a 40-year term in prison without parole, where he is no doubt actively shanking people with spoons.  The cat is fine.)

Wanda had a rare disease
that caused a wracking cough.
The doctor said “It’s in your head.”
and then she sneezed it off.

Maggie had a cup of joe
some toast and scrambled eggs.
But when she tried to pay her bill
a bear ate both her legs.

Waldo had a crazy knack
for blending with a crowd.
But no one knew just how it worked
with clothes so skabbing loud.

Harold tried to count to ten
but never made it there.
Although his brain said “One, two, three”
his mouth said “spllgmrfitz.”

Larry Potter got real drunk
and crashed into a tree.
You think that’s bad?
Well it gets worse.
A bear ate both his legs.

And for those who have seen Jurassic Park…

Dennis found some embryonic
dinosaurs for cheap.
But never got to sell them and
was eaten in a jeep.


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