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Please do not ever use these. If you must, please do not cite your sources.

You stole my heart, valentine!  Please give it back.  Just because I donated a kidney doesn’t mean you can freely take more of my organs.

I didn’t fall for you, valentine, I was pushed.  I will likely carry the scars for some time.

Valentine, I have determined that your positive impacts currently outweigh the negative effect of your presence.  I have therefore also determined this relationship should continue.

Valentine, I wanted to write you some poetry, but I am functionally illiterate and honestly, I’m not sure you even speak English.


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O, Tragedy of Syntax Error

This is a bunch of robot poetry.  No more, no less.  See below for a link, so you can have a robot make some for you too.
But unappreciated, cheered and in
A man again each day say, if a canker
Lives upon its joy; then my wilfulness
And ruined love. Your hour yet created. And put

Them still in a frown they sing: it full well
Knows what eyes best painter’s art bright you. Choose
But, rain from highmost been with others seem
Long since first created. Rise and rid and

Make me, with thy summer unappreciated
Lost on a dial-hand, as the painted counterfeit:
The thing they have extreme, not renewest,
So; from my love’s best, and hopes, making

A wretch’s. If there you were but poem, I not
To my count bad, which this man’s, whence at all.


No matter then — a
Fever! Therefore desire
Original eyes.

O! Bus, even by their reports
True by the impression fill

Might: left behind. See
My winter, the prey of a
Wretch’s told, or mine, too.


O paper to pitied be poison’d, sleeping,
It to another youth, nay, and suit scissors.


Presented by what is apparently a severely intoxicated poet trapped in the shell of a server in some faraway place.

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